Is it ok to request courses be offered at night or on weekends?

I primarily take night and weekend classes because I work during the day. I was talking with several other students in my major and most of them are in the same boat, which is expected since we go to a commuter school. One of our required classes is only offered 4 times each semester and it's rarely offered at night… » 9/22/14 2:52pm Today 2:52pm

Harassed at work by a non employee?

So I am in week 3/4 of a new job and the delivery guy keeps making inappropriate remarks. First time was what I considered to me innocent enough and didn't raise any red flags. It was along the lines of "that is a pretty dress". Next day was "Wow, do you only have pretty dresses"? Today was "beautiful outside and in… » 9/22/14 1:25pm Today 1:25pm