Screen protector on tablets yea or nay?

I bought my NookHD plua in June and have been using my second screen protector for four months. Its got air pockets, hair under the protector. How I do not know since I have little hair. It is in a book case. So it is proteCted. I never use a stylus. On my 3ds I see the abaolute need for a screen protector since I use… » 3/26/15 5:58pm Today 5:58pm

Lena Dunham is The Worst

I'm not a fan of "Girls." I find it stupid but that is probably because I am a couple of decades removed from that kind of navel-gazing and that show isn't directed toward me. That's fine, I'm quite happy being An Old and more than relieved to not feel everything in CAPITAL LETTERS all the time. That shit is… » 3/26/15 5:21pm Today 5:21pm