etiquette question: i was just sat on.

okay, so I'm on a bus and this woman sits next to me. This woman dearly needed two seats to herself. I would have gotten up and let her have the seat but she had me pinned under her and against the window. it seemed rude to point out, because I don't think she could help it. I also think that standing wasn't an option… » 7/30/14 8:57am 11 minutes ago

If You Can't Handle The Heat: Sexism In Restaurant Kitchens

More often than not, there's some blatant misogyny going on behind the kitchen doors in your local restaurant.

The hospitality industry is known to be one of experimentation and excess. This is possibly why the prevalence of substance abusers in the industry is so high. That being said, while the front of house more… » 7/30/14 7:46am Today 7:46am