Starting GroupDrink a bit early . . .

Um yeah, so it’s a bit past 7 pm here, and I’m between birthday celebrations (neither of them mine). Anyhow, I was just responsible for way too much of nearly demolishing a magnum of Moët over a late lunch and Victoria sponge cake (we were considerate enough to leave a glass for the guy who was driving us home, so… » 4/25/15 2:24pm Today 2:24pm

Aid suggestion for the Nepalese earthquake

Shelterbox is a subset of the Rotary Club. A shelterbox includes a tent, a collapsible stove (which will burn pretty much anything as fuel), cooking utensils, emergency blankets and ground sheets, water purification kits, basic tools for rebuilding and other gear necessary for survival after a disaster. Includes a… » 4/25/15 2:03pm Today 2:03pm